Merge pdfs


Does anybody know of a method to merge pdf files without using a plug-in? I know the fine plug-in from MBS, DynaPDF Lite (I have the Starter version) has the capability, but 449 Euros ($500) is a bit more than I would like to spend on this problem. This is an app being deployed to the web.

deployed on a Mac?
Than you can use PDFKit or CoreGraphics plugin functions.

DynaPDF is certainly worth every penny.
And you can use it for a lot of projects.
And upgrade from Starter to Lite easily.


I wholeheartedly agree. DynaPDF is certainly worth every penny. However, its price is more than what I would like to spend to solve this one problem. By the way, your customer support is amazing!

You can use PDFTK. It is available here (description in German language) or here (download)

I contacted xojo customer support and they installed ghost script for me. It works and I believe the problem is solved.