MenuItems: I do not want them in a window

This is starting bad from the beginning: I had hard time to write a subject line.

In an application, I have a splash screen * that also ask for a password. All is fine until yesterday when I started to work on a alreadin existing Stats window to improve it. So I start/quit the application pretty extensively and at last started to use the menu item shotcut until I realized that it worked on my splash screen window !

This was on OS X and in the IDE. I just checked the compiled Windows (XP) application and it behave the same.

Nota: the window does not belongs to the MenuBar (I removed it in the MenuBar / Window Property).
that is: no menu available at the window’s top on Windows XP [MenuBar appears on OS X].

BTW: there is only one visible window when the splash screen is displayed. If the password is correct, the main window is displayed. Windows XP / OS X.

I prefer to get all platforms working fine, but the client is only using it on Windows XP.

Every idea will be checked asap.

  • The Splash screen originally displayed the client logo, address, name of the application and statistics on the used database (# of Records, total # of records and two different # of Records, data base file name and date / hour of the latest change in the data base file [SQLite]).
    I added the password field / buttons there, naturally.

Are you saying Alt+F5 closes the window like it’s supposed to do? I don’t understand what MenuItem shortcut you’re talking about.

No, menu items that are specific to my application like ctrl-shift-I (to get the statistics) or any other that are not in File nor Edit.
I do not have checked if Menu Items from the File or Edit menus are accessible too.

Where are you keeping them so the whole program has access to them? App? Module? It doesn’t make sense unless there’s a Menu Handler that the whole program has access to.

SImply disable unwanted menu items… or you can even go so far as to make them invisible