MenuItem Visible Property Not Available For Windows

It seems crazy to me that this property is not available for Windows. But anyway how can I achieve the invisibility of a menuitem without removing it? Do I seriously have to manually code this? Not trying to be insulting to the Xojo engineers but it seems crazy. I would thought it would be so easy to get this to work on Windows. Here is were it says it in the docs:

Unless I am mistaken on the way the property behaves. For example, I would think it means that the item would show up as if it was not added to the MenuBar.


I’ve worked out what I’m going to do and I want to see what people’s opinions are. My idea is to delete the items in the menu editor and then save it in version control. If I want to make it visible on a later date I can reverse this in version control.

I would have thought it would be a limitation of the operating system. So is it not convenient to manage this manually without the framework? I guess I can see were the Xojo engineers are coming from as it probably isn’t very efficient to make a management system like this (to emulate the property) I’m guessing.

It still seems kind of crazy that Windows doesn’t have it implemented.


In Windows it seems challenging to actually to delete menuitems with the menu editor. I would assume this is a bug. When I select certain items it will select the text for changing the name, therefore making it a pain to delete.

Ah, you have to double click so maybe it’s not a bug but I don’t agree with the design choice. I would find it more logical that you double click to select the name field and single click to select the item to delete rather than other way round. Could just be me misunderstanding why it’s like that or overthinking it. There is however the inconsistency that it doesn’t behave this way with subitems.