Menubar app Example

When you download Xojo, is there a menubar app example project file included, along with all the other examples?

I made one a few years ago, but somehow lost it, and would soon like to make another one. I can’t actually download Xojo and look for myself, because I currently only have an iPad.


found this:

venus:Example Projects mschmidt$ find . | grep -i bar | grep -i menu

Michael - what is that, it doesn’t seem to be a valid URL?

Hi @Richard_Summers

If you are looking for Desktop examples about Menus, you can find them under:

Example Projects > Desktop > Menus.

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Javier - there is no status bar app example in that folder (at least for me).

StatusBar? This entire thread’s been about the MenuBar.

Do you mean StatusItem, the small apps in the MenuBar on macOS?
(StatusBar is Windows)

You’ll need MBS for a StatusItem, I’m not sure if macOS lib has declares for it.