menu shortcut enter key How?

I have a menu item which uses a shortcut key of enter and the menumodifier. The enter symbol shows in the menu, and it’s enabled. I do have a keydown for Chrb(13) that is balanced with Keyboard.AsyncOSKey = False.
The shortcut key is not working. Suggestions?

try CHRB(3)

13 is the [RETURN] key
03 is the [ENTER] key

Sorry for not being clear. The enter and return key stuff in keydown works fine. It’s the shortcut key that doesn’t work.

Try this: Set shortcut to “CMD-ENTER”

Sorry. Didn’t work

There not enough details in your posts to know what you are doing or trying

start a new desktop project
add a new menu to the existing menu bar
add a menu item - it should be named untitleditem - and set its shortcut to cmd+Enter
add another menu item - it should be named untitledItem0 - and set it short cut to cmd+return

NOTE ENTER & RETURN are NOT the same key

now to window1 add a menu handler for UntitledItem
And add another for UntitledItem0

in each they will already have a “return true”
put a break point on each return true

Press CMD+Enter (the one on a numeric keypad)
You should stop at the break point
Press Resume
Press CMD+Return (on the alpha keyboard portion)
You should stop at the break point
Press Resume

Repeat as necessary

here’s this already implemented - experiment as needed

I should have added my menuitem works correctly. The shortcut doesn’t anymore.
I used to have the shortcut “r” with menumodifier “checked”. I changed the shortcut to “enter” and it doesn’t work anymore.

Solution: I just changed it to “return” and it works.

“Enter” doesn’t on a Mac laptop. The key is called both “enter” and “return”.

I’m using a keyboard attached to a MacBook Pro
If you give your app to someone that is using a keyboard with numeric keypad Enter is the one on the numeric keypad
On a Mac laptop you can press the Enter key by holding down the FN key and pressing return - in this case you’d actually have to physically press FN+CMD+RETURN but you actually end up with CMD+Enter

I do not know what you mean by this sentence because they are two keys in your keyboard: one named Return, the second named Enter.

If you have an external keyboard (or use a Desktop computer) you will have the one below the Delete Key and the second at the rightmost / bottom of the numeric area (keyboard).

Read here:

Thanks Norm. Never heard of that [quote]FN+CMD+RETURN[/quote]
My frustration would be less. It also probably was useful when there was a numeric keypad on the Mac laptop.

You couldn’t get a full size keyboard in there and have a numeric keypad
Not without the laptop being a 17" model
And the full sized keyboard is the way Apple went
I have an external keyboard with keypad and I dont use the keypad that often
So its not really an impediment - and the few times I do need it and dont have my keyboard I know the FN trick (and you can lock it in that mode too)

Also the 17" MacBook Pro model became known as the “aircraft carrier” for a reason - it was ridiculously large
Although I do know a few people who had them and really liked the very large screen

I had the I-Mac and it interestingly enough had a numeric keypad within the usual laptop keyboard. Double-duty keys. It was only 13 inch.
Wow 17" - huge.

having a numeric keypad is very useful.

When I had the change to be where there is one, I use it to type # (usually ID #s).

That said, it is difficult to transport an external keyboard with your laptop.

I have a nice back pack that an external keyboard fits in very nicely along with an external 15" USB monitor
Neither is very heavy
The keyboard almost outweighs the USB monitor

Mac SE/30 (and Plus, SE prior them) had nice bags that allow to move them with Keyboard, Mouse, etc. Too many years ago, I forgot details.

But here I am a bit away from the op question.