Menu Quit does not show

In a simple application with a single window I created a menubar with 3 items in the File menu: save, separator and quit. All have their menu handlers.
When I run the application only the Save menu shows, all others are lost.
I checked with other projects and the setiing for the Quit menu are all correct.
How do I show it?

Thank you

Is this on mac?
The Quit is moved under “My Application” next to the Apple logo even if you put it under File. I think this is a macOS feature.

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It’s also the correct place for it, consistent with alll other applications.

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But you don’t see it if you just run it in debug mode, right?
At least I don’t

Yes, you should see it, but only on the Application menu (The one with the name of your application, at the bottom).

You know what?
I never thought about looking under the application menu. Of course it would have been the most logical thing to do

And if your applciation have more than one window, you have to set the MenuBar property to … one MenuBar

Else the keyboard shortcut will not be fired:


Look at Menus → Menu Bar → MainMenuBar (PopupMenu).

It is None by default for every window you add:

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