Menu items not launching ...

I have a very strange problem when using menu items in front of Bevelbutton.
The first picture shows the main screen and two floating windows that are opened.
The two bevelbuttons are active because the two windows are opened.
All the bevelbuttons have a Action and a Mouse Enter event handler programmed.
The event handler Mouse Enter includes code that if the window corresponding to the bevelbutton is open this window will get the focus.

If listViewOpened Then frmListView.setfocus

This is done because : if several windows are open moving the mouse over the bevelbutton will set the corresponding window to the front (focus).

In the second picture the menu AllViews is opened.
If I now select a item is this menu and the cursor is above one of the active bevelbuttons this menu item will not be launched.
From menu item Clipper View and lower there is no problem.
It is difficult to explain because in the second picture when the menu is opened the active bevelbuttons are not visible.
But if they are active and behind the cursor position in the selected menu item the menu item will not launche.

!!! Removing the event handler Mouse Enter does eliminate the problem, but then the window focussing is lost …

Hope this explanation is clear.


For what it’s worth, I suggest replacing all these BevelButtons with Canvas controls instead. You can use the Backdrop property for the icons, you can subclass and add animation on click if you need it. Although I can’t guarantee it, I guess making that change will solve the problem, because BevelButtons have lots of weird behaviours and bugs that go back a decade or more. Just having one BevelButton in a project could cause the whole project to crash inexplicably. For that reason I stopped using them years ago, and I find I never have any need for them anyway. The same tasks can be accomplished using either a normal button, a rectangle, or a Canvas. P.S. Your project caught my eye because I do almost all music-related programming myself. Looks like a nice app.


Thanks for the reply. I could try it with one button to see if it works.
If ok then it will be e huge work to change all the bevelbuttons in the project.

If interested : the program is called MixMaster (latest version is v19r1).
Downloadlink :
It was originally created by MPBedesem but I took over the programming end 2017.


or grab my github bevel button replacement which is already canvas based and should be darned close to a drop in replacement