Memory leak with REALLockPictureDescription in 2016r4?


does anyone else see memory leak with REALLockPictureDescription on Windows?

Test function:

void TestPicture(REALpicture p) { DebugMessage(__FUNCTION__, p); REALpictureDescription des = {0}; REALLockPictureDescription(p, &des, pictureWin32Bitmap); DebugMessage("des.width", des.width); DebugMessage("des.height", des.height); DebugMessage("des.pictureType", des.pictureType); REALUnlockPictureDescription(p); }

Called in a loop 100 times:

[code] dim x as new Picture(2000, 2000, 32)

	for i as integer = 1 to 100
			TestPicture x
	Backdrop = x[/code]

Looses about 30 MB per run.

Could there be a link to this thread ?

Could be.

Thanks to @William Yu for fixing it for next release.