Meeting this Friday in London

I am coming to London this week for work. So some of us are meeting for a meal in London this Friday (March 17th). Jimmy’s in Wimbledon at 7pm. We will be there something like 7pm-10pm.

If you can, please let me know if you think you will make it so we can make reservations for the right number. If you dont reserve a spot, please still come if you can. Love to see all of yall. You can message me here on the forums or email me directly at scott (at) nocturnalcodingmonkeys (dot) com.


Sent to 100+ people around London. I hope a few will join you.
If all come, you could have more attendees than XDC!

Hi Scot, Yes, I’m interested. It’s just a bit short notice, especially as I have a commitment in Dorset early Saturday morning. Have you got anything particular planned or just a general met and chat?

Am I the only one interested? Scott is this actually happening?

yes… we are going to be there

I shall be at Jimmy’s by 7pm on Friday, buy I have to leave just after 9pm to catch the last train from Wimbledon station back down south. Who’s name will the table be booked in?

Scott Boss… we will booked the table under the name of Scott Boss.
It is pre-payment at the door for the buffet.

Thanks Richard, yes I’ve been to Jimmy’s before, so know about the pre-payment. Last time I was at Jimmy’s was part of the London XOJO conference that Christian organised a couple of years back, in which I believe you did a presentation of your software. Look forward to seeing you again tomorrow night.

looking forward to seeing you again

Scott and John, please wait outside the door of Jimmy’s at 7pm. we are calling them now to book for 6 people…

Hi. I actually live near Wimbledon - I’m a beginner programmer with lots of hands on questions - not sure this is the right meeting for me. I went to the 2015 conference in Wimbledon and a lot of the info went over my head.

I wish you a good meeting.
Certainly beginners are always welcome as they give a different perspective on Xojo.

And for you all: We still have seats available for our conference in Berlin. Join us!

Hi Gary,
Come along and join us for dinner…
does not matter if you are a beginner or old hand.
Everyone is welcome.
Dinner at 7pm

I am here

Thank you for joining us at Jimmy’s tonight, John and Scott.
We have a great time chatting about everything under the sky and of course Xojo too…