Media Files problem is existence NOT permissions

I posted a problem in error. In Problems with OwnerRead I posted the wrong basis for the problem I have a FileErrorTest method, which I stole from the forums some time ago, It goes through any usual file errors, including MacOs permissions, but I had placed the permissions before Existence, and it would of return. Whenever it got an “error” it would return, and not find out if anything else was wrong, just like the IDE.
99.9% of three thousand files do exist, but they do not when they are in this collection of files with text links to the sound…
I have moved the file which has the list of references to other folders collections and it loads properly. I have renamed the folders, in case it was weird bug, and the error shows up. Every single one of the files when they are in that collection do not exist. Moving the sound files to the Music library doesn’t work either.

The link is a partial path like “Word Sounds/Hello.wav” which gets attached to the native psth of the parent folder. This works perfectly, even with these “non-existent” files.

Any suggestion?

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