MDI on multiple screens?

Before anyone says it, I know it’s naughties (if not 90’s) design, but it does make sense for my project. Does anyone know if it’s possible to share the MDI across active screens?



Yes, I have used MDI with Excel in the past. I can’t find my old code to help you out. Sorry.

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work across screens. It dates from way back in Windows 3.1 in the 90s. Multiple screens were very uncommon back then. I don’t think it was ever extended to more than one screen.

Thanks Eugene and Ian. I have no memory of MDI extending across multiple screens either. It looks like my only option it to try create a similar tab system Xojo has. A bit of work cut out for me :slight_smile:

Make your “window” a container control and you can add it dynamically to a DesktopTabPanel on the “MDI” window. That way you can create as many MDI windows that you wish, with as many tabs as you wish.

Great minds think alike! :slight_smile: That’s exactly what I’m doing - well TabPanel - My project is too big to convert to the new API :frowning:

Thanks Ian, Chris

Alternatively, use a page panel and put your own interface at the top to represent swapping tabs.

Thanks Ian - I think the ControlPanel is a better solution as you can open it as an individual window if the need arises - Thanks again

Sorry, I meant the PagePanel as an alternative to TabPanel. I would certainly keep the ContainerControl.

I found an old MDI example, and displayed the MDI on two screens. The red line is where the two screens were side-by-side.

Here is an example from the issues website that you can download to try:

Thanks very Eugene for going to trouble. It never dawned on my NOT to maximize the MDI! Once you have similar resolutions on the two screens, it works quite well. Thanks very much for saving me a Buch of work! :slight_smile:

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Interesting, however, I think you will find that windows all minimise to the same location on the bottom left of the left most screen. They would likely restore to the right place.