MDI dimensions


I try with MDI on a Windows PC.

My window has dimension 1000x600 as a single window it is perfect. But when I start it in a MDI the program frame is to small to see my window complete.

How can I set the dimensions from the program frame(by start)?

when the app starts up manipulate the MDIWindow

That said MDI is not strongly encouraged by MS as a design style any longer

how about maximized state of inner window?
i see the good ms design style at win 10^^

Many thanks for your respones
MDIWindow is it, I had not found in the help before.

Is a good idea too but maximized in this case cut my window in the parent window.

Probable explanation:

Also: when was the last time you saw a (a then brand new) MDI application ?

MDI applications are so 1980’s :slight_smile:

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