MDI App - Background


I will appreciate if some one can help me with a suggestion to assign an image as background in MDI application. I’m not sure if this is possible.

With the MDI Apps, the main window is normally in dark grey color. My customer want an image of the company as a background.

How can I do this …?

i’ve the same problem

Not sure, but it may be possible to write a plugin which intercepts draw command for that MDI window and draws something for you. If interested, you could email me with details on what you guys need.

In VB, there is a BackColor property for the parent window

There is very little details about the MDI parent window in Xojo. If it was possible to get its handle, it is probably possible to use a declare.

Get the MDI handle is possibile (then you have to work with declare from there to get che real handle since as usual they are 2 internally)
But all the declare I’ve found are GDI related so they don’t work with the last release.

I can do it with plugins:

Great Christian!
As usual

Great work !!. Nevertheless I would not use MDI anymore. It’s pass !