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Anyone have success opening an MDB file on a Mac?
I’m hoping to not need to connect to a Windows system with ODBC.

I believe you can do it with ODBC on Mac.

These folks have a driver:

Perhaps there are others.

Is it possible to access an MDB from xojo on Windows without ODBC?

You can using ADO. There’s an example here:

Yes, as long as you have the latest Access drivers installed which will also open the newer accdb files.

thanks all!

ODBC via MBS Xojo SQL Plugin on Windows with Microsoft Access driver works for me.

[quote=482215:@Chris Halford]Anyone have success opening an MDB file on a Mac?

If you only need to read MDB files on the Mac then the driver from Actual Technologies should work fine.
I managed to be able to read and write to MDB files on the Mac using a combination of this platform-independent java driver:
link text

and the MBS Java Plugin from Christian.

They are not free but worked perfectly and speed was pretty decent too.

there are apps around to convert mdb to sql(ite) and then use sqlite instead. easier and free on all platforms.


Can you suggest one (or more)? I’m not seeing anything that is viable. This could be optimal if I can embed it in my application or even have it running behind the scenes on the Xojo cloud.

I use Navicat to convert access to sqlite.

with source code :

and the apps-only :
more expensive :

hope this helps.