Trying to use the MBSCurl plugin to upload a file to a Windows Apache web server and have ran into issues. I am able to run other Xojo web apps successfully on this server. The Apache server is setup using Strawberry perl to run the web apps.

I have downloaded and successfully ran the “CURLS upload to Web App” sample projects locally as a stand alone web app locally and on the PC that Apache is installed. Now I am compiling the web app as a Windows CGI web app and am unable to get it to reply like it did as a stand alone web app. The desktop portion returns a status of uploaded at 100% with a return code of zero. However, when the desktop app calls the Web Upload Receiver app, the HandleSpecialURL event fires, but the WebRequest is returning an empty string. Also, I’m not seeing any debug errors that seem to be the cause.

What could cause these apps to work on stand alone, versus through Apache. Keep in mind I am able to successfully run other web apps and know that I have to modify the SheBang to point to Strawberry perl.

Thanks in advance!