MBS Xojo Plugins for Apple Silicon and iOS

Apple Silicon

Xojo 2020r2 can build applications for Apple Silicon and it can build universal applications, too. We updated MBS Plugins and include Apple Silicon support in version 20.5. You can try it, but we’ll soon have a new beta for the next version as we find issues while more people try building for those new Macs with M1 processor.

All MBS Plugins in 20.5 (and future versions) include an Apple Silicon version. Not all libraries are available yet for Apple Silicon and most functions have not been tested although since it’s basically the same code on the same OS with a compiler change, we expect everything to just works.

iOS Plugins

The iOS target in Xojo got a major improvement with moving to API 2.0, which includes using more of the older Xojo framework parts like String and Variant for iOS. Auto and Text are deprecated and fade away. Since those data types were added, Xojo Inc. ported the plugin SDK to iOS. This allows us to provide you our plugins with iOS counterparts. So far this plugins build for iOS and are included with 20.5 release:

These plugins build, but are not shipping with iOS as we currently don’t see use for them on iOS:

And the following plugins do not compile for iOS and we may look into them later:

If you like, try the plugins and let us know what you think and where you have trouble.


Barcode detection is not working in iOS.
I tried all samples, converted to iOS from the MobileImagePicker to the sample code.

All results are “no code found”

Maybe you have an iOS working sample?

Can you email me your test project and picture?

so I know which class you use and what barcode.

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Will do

It’s send, tested on real device to not work.

I tried the wiki pedia hello qrcode and others from google search

Works here. Maybe you need newer plugins?

Next week, we’ll have a new pr.

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So you did try 205 with the exact code i send to you?

The plugins I have may already have a few bug fixes.
So try next week with pr1 of next version.

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@DerkJ @Christian_Schmitz Can either of you confirm if the barcode plugin now works on iOS?

Not me detection from a picture made with the camera is not working reliable enough

I’ve not tried plugins later than 20.5
It seems 20.5 is not detecting it well we rather wanna use avfoundation and camera bardcode detection on iOS hope @Christian_Schmitz will have it soon.

it builds, but I have not yet tried it myself!

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Does a mobilescreen get a NSWindowMBS ?

Yes. We map UIWindow to NSWindow and use our NSWindowMBS class for them.

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Hi @Christian_Schmitz can you provide a sample for live barcode scanning? without having to take a picture first?

I worked on such an example and it’s included in the 21.0 release. But may not be finished. Feel free to try it.

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Not exactly what you are looking for but there is a working example of this in iOSKit that you can adapt to the MBS versions of the AVFoundation classes

It wasnt’t working anymore and when rotating i’m unable to get the correct rotation for the camera view.

Your example crashes on the AutoResizingMask in the configure method.