MBS Xojo Plugins and Xojo 2023r4

If you get an error about a delegate, e.g. ResourceValuesForKeysDelegateMBS, please install MBS Xojo Plugins in version 23.6 or newer.

Download here:


See also our blog post:


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Thanks Christian! Perfect timing.

I get this error after installing 2023r4:

this persists after upgrading to MBS-Xojo-Plugins236pr2.dmg

Mine is a desktop project so no idea why this iOS plugin error. Is there a quick fix before I am forced to roll back to 2023r3.1?

Does this issue affect older DynaPDF and ChartDirector Plugins?


In the new release, Christian has reduced the number of plug in parts. This means that if you just copy in the new plugins, and not delete the old set first, there will be at least one obsolete part that is not overwritten. This bit me years ago, but I was prepared this time :slight_smile:

I always create a new folder for a new set of MBS plugins, then copy an alias to this folder into Xojo/Plugins/, for this very reason.
BUT: you got me to check carefully and I inadvertently copied the alias pointing to the old plugin set. The correct alias pointing to the new set of plugins indeed solved the issue.
Many thanks Jerry, I (and probably Christian) would’ve been chasing a ghost here.


Nice, that it works for you.

I made a blog post with more details: Xojo Delegate Change

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