MBS Xojo Plugin. A new way to refer to the documentation (7)

Hello to all MBS users!
another step on the current status of the MBS Xojo Reference project.

You will find many updates in the software and documentation.

New section “Constant” in the Find window.
New button “Xojo note” in the Compatibility window.
Some change in the main window
More data and various improvements.

January 2018:
Software update.
More data and improvements.

I think the next update will be the last one before the prerelease version.
Times have lengthened but some work is needed to ensure a quick update after the release of MBS Plugins.

If you are interested go on:

You can find the updated documentation, new screenshots and the new demo version for macOS and Windows.

Feel free to test and evaluate the software.
Any comment will be appreciated.

Thanks. This is a fan project from Paolo and more or less an alternative documentation browser for my plugins.

Please send him comments if you have them.

My very big question is: Did Paolo scrape the MBS documentation or did you provide a database of information?
I wouldn’t mind a copy of the database to use outside of this interface…

Thank you Tim.
I scrape documentation from Christian site.