MBS Xojo Developer Conference: Saturday

Welcome to the last day.
We meet 9 am in front of the hotel to walk to the Geyser center.

If you are late, you can walk there yourself:

and we take the ship at 11 am:

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We are walking, so if you missed us, please run.

View from the roof terrace

And towards the ship

Have fun! :clap:


Anyone needs a souvenir or a coffee?

At 11 o’clock there should be announcement to go to the ship. Leaves 11:15

And the geyser in action

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What did they put into the hole to get it in action? Soap?

No, nice girls, as usual :wink:

It’s basically a 300 meter deep hole full of water and the gas pushes it out, so you have this 40 to 60 meter high Fontaine going for several minutes.

Now back in SkyRestaurant for the last dinner with 15 people.

Then the conference week is finished!

Next boat trip already on the way:

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And done. Thanks everyone for coming!

Some people even stayed the whole week :slight_smile:

Videos will come in a few weeks.


Thank you! It’s been very nice, everything worked perfectly :clap:


I would like to thank Christian, and team off course, for a perfect meeting, I learned a lot. And would like to register myself for next year, to make sure I am first again…


Great location, nice social programme, nice participants; thanks to the MBS team and Christian for the perfect organisation.


As always, it’s been just great to meet both old faces and new ones! Always is a blast to see the kind of things you guys do with Xojo!! kudos to Christian and the crew for just another great conference :+1: