MBS Xojo Developer Conference: Registration open

We reveal the website for the MBS Xojo Conference and start registration. By adding a training day and some sight seeing days, we can fill a week for our guests:

Outside picture of the hotel showing the front door and lift.

Day Date Day Evening
Monday 22nd April Welcome in Germany
Tuesday 23rd April Sight Seeing Tour Dinner
Wednesday 24th April Training Day Reception in Hotel
Thursday 25th April 1st day conference Dinner Event
Friday 26th April 2nd day conference Farewell Dinner
Saturday 27th April Geysir tour

Since we learnt a lot in previous conference, we change a few things:

We have the hotel for ourselves. All hotel guest rooms should be filled with Xojo developers. At the bar, at the breakfast, in the garden, everywhere you find Xojo developers to talk to.

The hotel is easy to get to via train or car. Please consider coming by train (to Andernach) and walk to the hotel (1.2 km).

We have a second room for labs and un-conference sessions. Your chance to spontaneously meet with developers and discuss a topic. In the lab sessions, we can meet and and implement a new feature in Xojo or add-on

On the presentations, we honor the work for the presenter with a free ticket, but we’ll try to be a bit pickier about which session to accept. The sessions will be added to the conference in 2024. As usual the early bird rate is for people signing-up early before they know all details.

The ticket prices get a shake-up. The regular rate is 399 €, but we give those who can afford more the chance to pay 799 € and support the event. On the lower end, we like to give young or hobby developers a chance to buy a discounted ticket for 199 € or even get a free ticket. And those are early bird pricing and we raise them in 2024. (all plus VAT if needed)

If you can stay a few more days, please spend some more time with your fellow Xojo developers and enjoy some history, culture and landscape. We plan a bigger trip for Tuesday and optional a trip to learn about the Geyser in Andernach on Saturday.

The hotel rate is affordable with 120 Euro/night including breakfast and VAT. Other hotels nearby should have plenty of rooms available at similar or cheaper rates. And of course you can find luxury accommodation, too.

This community event is organized by Monkeybread Software. We expect to have a Xojo staff around to present and answer questions.

Any questions?


Hotelroom for 2 people is 130 Euro/night.

So they charge 10 Euro extra for second person.

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We got the first registrations. :slight_smile:


When you check for flights, please look for Frankfurt (Germany biggest airport), but also look for Cologne and Düsseldorf.

And if you come from America, you may consider to stay a few extra days somewhere else and then come to the conference.
e.g. fly to Paris and stay a few days, then take the Thalys to Cologne and stay a day there, then take a train down to Andernach. After the conference take a train to Frankfurt and fly back.

Andernach has non-stop trains to Munich, Berlin, Luxembourg, Hamburg and many more places.

Or get a rental car and drive around.

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