MBS Xojo Developer Conference in Koblenz, Germany

We are happy to announce the MBS Xojo developer conference in Koblenz (Germany) from 11th to 14th September organized by Monkeybread Software. We would be happy if you join us and take the chance to meet other Xojo developers from Europe. Get in touch, share ideas and learn new things.
(Xojo is the new name for Real Studio introduced with release 2013r1 next week)

We are currently preparing a schedule with sessions include the following:

  • News about Xojo 2013r1/2013r2
  • Preview of the new iOS support
  • News about our MBS Plugins
  • Databases
  • Version Control
  • IDE Scripting

More sessions are in preparation. Stephane Pinel will be there to present the latest Xojo news. But we think the new Xojo 2013r2 release and the iOS target will give us a lot of topics of conversation. If you arrive early, we’d love to offer a cosy get-together in the beer garden and restaurant in Koblenz next to our hotel.


The day after the conference, 14th September, we offer training Xojo in English. There is also a german training on 11th September. With little example projects we will show how to create a solution with web, console, desktop and iOS application. We plan to create an image database as a sample and show you how to handle all the little details. If you have questions about how to do things in Xojo, you can ask them and we will demonstrate Xojo features with sample projects.


11th September: Training in German
12th September: First conference day
13th September: Second conference day
14th September: Training in English
15th September: Optional Sightseeing day.


The conference days are 299 Euro (249 Euro early bird offer) and the training day is 399 Euro, both including VAT. For the hotel, we have rooms available starting at 80 Euro including breakfast. Registration is available today.

More information is available on our website:

and for the training day:

Blocked hotel rooms are reserved until today. Maybe you get your room for the conference soon?

With currently 42 attendees from 12 countries this is the biggest event ever in Europe. Use the chance to join the group now and meet all those developers in Koblenz, Germany.

so nearly half of Orlando attendees

Yes. Just a few and we really have half.
Now 43 :slight_smile:

i am sure u get about 50 attendee by the day of conference

And Finland is 13th country :slight_smile:

Just one week left. See you need week!