MBS Xojo Developer Conference: Epilog

The conference is done.
Yesterday we said good bye to the last attendees and everyone flew home.

Thanks for everyone attending and helping to make this a great event.

Every attendee should have a link to the slides & downloads.


I have to say, from afar, it looked great and I am sorry not to have attended.
Well organised, Christian!


It was especially good in that we realised how much we have missed each other after not meeting for 5 years (since the last MBS conference), plus Christian was overly generous to all of us with his time and € to ensure we all had a wonderful conference.


Dear Christian

Just a few words to say THANK YOU

  • Thank you for your tremendous efforts made before, and during the event
  • Thank you for bringing us the opportunity to contact more people like us. I have had the surprise on contacting more beginners like me on programming with Xojo. I have seen, also, that I could made contact with people on their way to develop for industrial applications -like me-. I have had the opportunity to help others on their way from FileMaker to Xojo
  • Finally, Thank you for help us (specially me with my situation at the hotel) on our own problems during stay.

I understand you can be, today, tired and saying “it’s over!” but I encourage you not to give up, and keep organizing more events like this one on future.

Finally, and as an idea for forecoming events, why not to do a small session -say 10 to 15 minutes- for explaining a self-project so person who likes to do so can contact others on the same way sharing ideas?


Like @Jeff_Tullin said, I am also sorry not to have attended.
For the ones who live so far from Europe (Argentina in my particular case), everything is quite more difficult (time and cost), so virtual conferences would be a very nice opportunity for many of us.
@Christian_Schmitz try to have this in mind for the next one.
Same for future XDCs, @Geoff_Perlman.
If that is not possible, videos of the sessions could be also very usefull and I hope they could be available for free or also by charged. May be with a logical delay, but being available for al least MBS plugins users and Xojo Pro licensed users it would be very valuable.

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Each session was recorded. I believe Christian is going to post the videos on Youtube.


I posted my recap blog post:

MBS Xojo Conference Recap


Well done. How was the ‘after conference pizza’ @ office?