MBS Xojo Conference started

The conference just started and Geoff Perlman holds his keynote about what is new in Xojo world:

If you are in Berlin right now, email me and join us for dinner on Friday :slight_smile:

Please update us on the keynote by Geoff

please post other pictures!!

The sun is up and the curtains are open, I call fake :wink:

Have fun everyone!

This is a 5000 lumen bright projector. No need to make the room dark to see something.

I was more referring to the fact that its a dev conference and they are getting sun on them :smiley:

@: this was the first thing I noticed, too. Dark basements are the norm for conferences of any kind.

We are on the 4th floor here.

That is great for LTE reception.

My writeup on Geoff’s keynote.

I’m excited for Android but a little disappointed there was no iOS roadmap announcement.

Dinner is served tonight in Buffet Restaurant. The summer garden is too wet and cold tonight.

We are in Stone Brewing in south Berlin.

we had a great conference and I hope to see you all again next year!

Thanks for organising a great conference, Christian. I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with Xojo developers from around the world!

We are just leaving Berlin… thank you all, we had a great time.

we are back in London now. what a wonderful conference.

On my way back home.
Thanks to all who helped with signing up early, volunteered to speak and of course to all attendees.

Thank you and all presenters for making this event happen. Special Thanks to Geoff and all XOJO Staff for coming to Europe.

Wonderful ‘Arrogant Bast**ds’ — excuse the German and the in-joke!

Everyone should have a login now for downloading slides. More slides and videos will come soon. Speakers, please send me yours if they are missing. Thanks.