MBS Xojo Conference: Friday

Very, very good and promising news! Thank you. Looks as if Xojo would reconsider its unique selling point, compile it once and run it everywhere.
Therefore, it would make sense to think about whether you should take the last moment of patience in development before launching an Android version without auto layout and introduce it right away. This saves users from having to get used to the new layout system later on.

The phone was in addition to the emulator but to me this just highlighted the great progress.

Now we enjoy the Web Edition session from Lars Lehmann.
Very funny UI and UX stuff to avoid.

In fact. And choosing to delegate the huge hard job part to the Kotlin Compiler and fusing Android and iOS as an unique “Mobile” platform, seems like a smart move, accelerating the results, for soon AND what the future will hold.

Now @Stefanie Juchmes presents about SceneKit, an Apple framework for 3D graphics.

PS: Her first presentation in English!

Who misses a red pullover?

About to leave for dinner.
If you miss the group, please come yourself to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Just one question from the sideline: What’s with Crashlytics and all those googleapis trackers that are in most Android Apps? Will Xojo create clean, pure Binaries without any tracking and dependencies?

The red pullover is at the hotel reception.

The dinner is over. I wish everyone a save traveling home.

As soon as an Android app wants to use Firebase, crashlytics and many Google apis dependencies are included.

I have seen the insides (in the APK) of a Xojo made Android app and there are no dependencies others than those required to have an app running on an Android device.

I notice Listbox and Camera aren’t included in the list of controls demonstrated for Android. Were these discussed?

The palette of components is not complete, kind of pre-alpha.
The internal tooling completely changed since prior tryouts looking for the best way of doing it.

It was just a preview of what is being done. Here is a post about it:


Listbox wasn’t discussed, but Geoff said that they are still busy with Android Framework pass 1 (which means checking the framework and creating all controls necessary for version 1)
Camera was talked about, and ‘might’ not be available in the first version.
A lot depends on how fast they can move forward.
Lots of progress has been made recently (since the underlying stuff was done).