MBS Xojo Conference: 10 days for early bird offer

For our conference 19th/20th May in Koblenz, the very early bird offer for 199 Euro per ticket is ending in just 10 days. If you like to join at the lowest price, you should be quick!

Whether you are registered or plan to do so, please join our session voting:

If you are student with 25 or younger, please join our free ticket offer.

The schedule fills more and more:

And we have the option to do two tracks instead of one if we reach enough people :slight_smile:
So please register soon.

and it’s filling.

A registration a day keeps cancellation away.

No worries, we are good and have enough that we won’t cancel it!
The real question is whether we need a second bus for the evening event or even a second conference room and go two tracks?

having two tracks mean you have to miss some sessions.

It means you have additional possibilities. You can see all sessions now planned and can choose - if you want - another.

Well, if enough people sign up, we could split rooms for some sessions.
And have more sessions.

For 50 people I won’t split, but maybe for 80?

two days left for early early bird.

Next early bird offer is valid till 19th March.
As you see in schedule we got more sessions :slight_smile:

I appreciate all people who register early and help us to pay the advance to the hotel.