MBS Xojo Compression Plugin: Zip Folder

I need to export Folders and Files in a .zip. I’m looking to MBS Xojo Compression Plugin.

I don’t found what I’m looking for.

For now I have a exportFolder (as FolderItem) in the tmp special directory. I can ask my user a destination filename with saves message dialog so I have zip Destination (as FolderItem)

How can I easily put all my folders / subfolder and files in this export.zip file?

// Create temporary Export Folder
Var exportFolder As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child("export")

// Create Export Folder

// Get Documents to export
Var documents() As DataModel.DocumentTable

// fill documents list
// ....


  // Export Files List
  For Each d As  DataModel.DocumentTable In documents
    // Origin File
    Var oFolderItem As FolderItem = mDBManager.DocumentTableReadBlob(d.ID)
    If oFolderItem <> Nil Then
      // Destination
      Var dFolderItem As FolderItem = d.destinationFolderItem(exportFolder)
      // Copy file
    End If
Catch error As DatabaseException
  // Something wrong
End Try

// Ask for Export zip file
Var zipDestination As FolderItem = FolderItem.ShowSaveFileDialog(".zip", "export.zip")

// TODO Zip Tmp folder in Export file

The console log is

17:57:35 : file:///var/folders/fd/1qt6d6p963n6fpxp0k7ddmtw0000gn/T/export/
17:57:39 : file:///Users/seb/Documents/export.zip