MBS WebView2 creates EBWebView folder inside EXE folder?

I’ve decided to take the plunge to 64 bit modern HTMLViewer on Windows, and I’m playing around with the Xojo CEF (Chromium) vs MBS Plugins Edge (WebView2).

My first test with WebView2 is good, but I noticed that upon loading some HTML, I end up with a rather large (over 5MB) folder tree, deposited inside my EXE’s folder like this:

(screenshot taken from Mac, but naturally I’m running this Exe on Windows 10):

This seems odd to me - I can see temporary files being created, but having them created inside the application folder seems unusual / wrong to me.

@Christian_Schmitz can you comment?

Ok, seems like that’s a normal behavior if you don’t specify a different location (seems like an odd default, but who knows how/why Microsoft does things). See What is the 'EBWebView' folder created for? · Issue #2023 · MicrosoftEdge/WebView2Feedback · GitHub

you can use Configure event to set a value to UserDataFolder property to change the path where stuff like this is saved.

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