MBS users: which parts do you use a lot?

Hi all,

the MBS plugins are HUGE. So which functions do you consider essential and use all the time?

Thanks for any replies


As a Windows-only developer I 100% depend on Christian’s MBS to get access to Windows-platform specific functions.

ChartDirector and DynaPDF are also critical for me.

Any in particular? I ask as someone who stands in front of a HUGE mountain of plugin functions and wonders where to begin …

Some specifics that I use:
JPEG and PNG plugin to be able to manipulate PNG and JPEG images (mainly to get their String representation)
Win plugin to get access to system information (WindowsFile, WindowsDevices, WindowsVM for process information), networking information, WindowsTaskbarList to get notification in the taskbar, WinNotification and WinException to get access to system-wide messages from the OS (like system going to sleep or power notifications), INI-files read/write etc. etc. etc.
Compression plug-in to get Zip-file handling (Christian even added the option to use zip-files in-memory for me)

Zip, DynaPDF, GraphicsMagic

(I really wish I could delete a lot of them, but most times I try I find that plugin X demands that plugin Y be present, so I gave up and now just wait for them to load…)

The dependency list is here:

[quote=171318:@Markus Winter]Hi all,

the MBS plugins are HUGE. So which functions do you consider essential and use all the time?

Thanks for any replies


  • Chart director
  • DynaPDF
  • MultiCURL / CURL
  • SSH (Complete Network plugin)

Also ZIP lately too.

  • MS SQL
  • ChartDirector
  • SSH

Everything that I need that Xojo can’t do out of the box:

Cocoa stuff
Making the code less spaghetti (Threadsafe stuff)

RegExMBS. :slight_smile:

Firebird SQL via MBS SQL Plugin

CURL for email and FTP
SQLDatabase (MySQL, Postgres and DB2)
Compression for Zip
Picture resizing

Literally All. MBS and Einhugur plugins are simply amazing. There is no way I can’t find a useful way of using them.

I develop Yamaha XG compatible midi file editors and use the following MBS plug ins

Chart Director
Win Drag and Drop

They work very well and are well supported.

That one puzzles me slightly. Drag&Drop not supported on Windows? Or which aspect of Drag&Drop is this?

MBS Plugin has Drag & Drop classes for Mac & Win. They simply do more than the built in classes.

I am using Drag & Drop extensively in my last app, and do not need any MBS plugins. Although I did acquire them.

I especially love the ImageMagick stuff. Xojo been a tad spartan in the realm of image formats, having access to 100+ is great.

My main issue with MBS is the documentation. Not enough information for too many possibilities, that would merit better.

I basically use the JPEG and PNG plugins as I have images stored as Base64 encoded text in a SQLite Database file so I don’t have to worry about any issues that might arise if I were to store them in their normal state plus I don’t have to write a temp file for each picture allowing me to use less code.

I used to use the QuickTime plugin to convert a string into sound but since Apple dropped support for QuickTime in the App Store so did Xojo.