MBS SQL with Xojo Cloud?

I have just signed up for Xojo Cloud but I am also using MBS SQL and using the mySQL connector. The problem is that I need to tell it where the mySQL driver is but dont know where it is installed. Can Christian or someone give me some idea. Thanks

you can ask Xojo Inc. if they have some mysql library installed with the linux.

or you just upload a linux mysql library to some folder of your choice.

Than you tell the plugin where to find it.

Thanks Christian, I will try and upload the drivers myself but unfortunately their would appear to be an issue because every time I try and enable SFTP, mySQL, Tunnel or any other option it keeps telling me “We could not enable ??? access at this time. Please wait a bit, and try again.” where ??? is the service name. Maybe I need to leave it longer than an hour. Everything else appears to work.

I’ll look at that.

Try it now.

@Christian Schmidt Is their any way within MBS SQL to check if the plugin is able to communicate with the driver it is going to use so that I can do a check in my app open event to check that the driver is being communicated with and if not tell the user and quit the application?

[quote=313477:@Greg O’Lone]I’ll look at that.

Try it now.[/quote]
Thanks Greg, if it helps, I am running on the London service, just tried it again and it is saying the same thing. Also the deployment takes about 5 minutes to upload a not very big web app which seems a bit excessive especially when I have a 1GB fibre connection and the same app compiled to Linux is only 58.6MB. A ping to the server is solid at an average of 14ms and a trace route does not show any bottlenecks on the network side from my router to the rack space network servers. Just off to bed now is at is midnight here in the UK so will check back in the morning, night all :wink:

try it again. I don’t see anything specifically wrong within our system, but watching the logs may shed some light.

According to the logs, you successfully deployed about 15 minutes ago. Is that correct?

You could have the various mysql libs in your project and write them to a temp file as needed.

Greg: yes that is correct but I am still getting the same errors saying to try later. The name of the web app is ITMTools.

I use SQLDatabaseMBS always include the MySQL/MSSQL/PostgreSQL/etc plugins with my app. Then you don’t need to rely on anyone else’s environmental settings.

David: I am including all the plugins but it is the mySQL library that has to be specified in the

c.SetFileOption c.kOptionLibraryMySQL, mySQLFolderItem

So what I am doing now is doing a check to see if the driver file exists when my app starts and if it doesn’t then telling the user and quitting the app. With desktop apps I distribute the mySQL library files but with the web app on the Xojo Cloud I dont know which library file I should be using for mySQL so not sure how to include this in the distribution for the web app.

Sorry, I meant the MySQL drivers (e.g. libmysql.dll, libmysqlclient.so.18.0.0, libmysqlclient.18.dylib), not the Xojo plugins.

David: Thanks, for the info on the library for linux, that is what i needed to know :wink:

Ah. Ok, we pushed out a new version of the server-side software this morning which should clear this up. In the future, if you go through an entire upload and the IDE says it failed, I suggest going to the URL your self and checking. It’s a timing thing and the IDE only waits so long before it tells you that it can’t reach the app that you just uploaded. We’ve tweaked that process so it should happen less often now.

Greg: I am confused by your answer :frowning: I am trying to enable SFTP, mySQL and Tunnel within the Xojo Cloud panel but every time I try even just now it tells me to try again later. I can deploy my web app and it runs but I can’t use SFTP, mySQL or Tunnel as the system will not allow me to enable them.

Yeah, sorry about that. We did some updates which resulted in things being a little wonky today. Everything should be back to normal now.