MBS Sql plugin with Xojo Lite

I have the Desktop Lite version, it is my understanding the the SQL mbs plugin will allow me to access an oracle database without the desktop version
But I downloaded the plugin, copied it into the plugin folder, downloaded their example and I get the 'You need a desktop licence to build"

What am I doing wrong?

The example project may have a target other thank your allowed target selected.
In the build settings make sure only This Computer is selected.

Checked windows box, same message

And “This computer” , same result

So I created a simple app, clicked BUILD and it compiled to .exe

Make sure only This Computer is selected.

Or, you may be seeing the MBS license dialog.
You must have a license to use the MBS plugins.

I forgot to restart XOJO after copying the plugins, I’m getting the MBS licence logo now
I can just purchase the SQL plugin, cheaper than upgrading

thanks all

Well, for using SQL Plugin with Xojo Lite, please only use it with SQLConnectionMBS class.
Using SQLDatabaseMBS class, RecordSet or DatabaseCursor classes will trigger the need for a Xojo database license.

I decided to use Oracle DAC. This code snipped works great in Xojo Lite:
I’ve xxxx’d the UN and PW

	Dim namestr  AS STRING
	Dim con     AS NEW OLEObject( "ADODB.Connection" )
	DIM command AS NEW OLEObject("ADODB.Command")
	DIM rs      AS NEW OLEObject("ADODB.Recordset")
	//con.Provider = "msdaora"
	con.Provider = "OraOLEDB.Oracle"
	con.Open "P01291.world","xxxx","xxxx"
	command.ActiveConnection = con
	command.CommandText =  "SELECT name_full_formatted from person where name_last_key = 'EAMER' " +_
	"AND person_type_cd = 903"
	rs = Command.Execute
			namestr = rs.Fields.Item(0).Value
			//FullNameEdit.Text = namestr
			FullNameEdit.AddRow namestr
	exception err as OLEException
			msgbox err.message