MBS; Scintilla; draw into or over Scintilla control;

Maybe I don’t see it…

What is the way to draw into or over the Scintilla control gadget?
Maybe an arrow or so? And without using an overlapping control.
As Scintilla has good size and position measure abilities, I could draw into the background window, but that would mean “transparency” somehow which we all know is not easy…

Any idea?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Well, have you tried a Canvas on top of it?

Or using an overlay window?

Canvas with transparency and input focus shall be a problem.
Overlay window → something from MBS?

All very tricky

see OverlayMBS class.

Thanks a lot for the link.

But using the internal Xojo controls is always a job stopper at some point.
As I am only developing for windows, so I will keep using WebView32 and CodeMirror as scintilla replacement.
Sad that Xojo plans to build a grid control; to compete with HTML/CSS/JS/V8 makes no sense anymore. Another discussion anyway.

Thanks for the help and the MBS WebView32!

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