MBS Plugins

I would not agree to this.

We thought about what changes we could do and in the last days we did a few changes. You noticed?
The menu got a few different options, the top tabs are less and the whole site better adapts to bigger browser windows. We also removed some very old content.

Anyway, if you have a specific request to change something, please contact us.

Did you make the navigation even worse? Core problem of the MBS site is the menus. Which menu is the main menu and which is the secondary menu? The one at the top or the one at the left? That’s not clear at all. Actually, with the update, the menus seems to be similar. I click on the Xojo Plugin menu. Now the top menu changes and the menu on the left changes. Where the heck am I now?

Please: ONE menubar with submenus. DON’T change the menus.

And a real search would be very welcome. I usually want to search the documentation and not 5 year old blog posts.

The Chilkat website isn’t really good but it shows me clearly where I need to navigate. I always get lost on the MBS website.

This is hands-down my #1 problem with the MBS website.

My browser back button is my greatest friend when I’m on the MBS site. That’s because when I click on where I “think” I need to go, only to find out that it is NOT where I needed to go, then without the back button, I’m lost (since the menu structure doesn’t help me at that point).

Consider this as an AMEN from the congregation.

She nailed that irritating factor too! You’re on a roll, Beatrix … you go, girl! :smiley:

Please don’t confuse that you guys may use four different websites.

main website:

documentation for Xojo Plugins:

Xojo blog:


Search and menu is local to the website. So if you look within these pages, you have the same menu.
I would expect you only need the documentation page and there you have classes, modules, globals in the menu, because that makes sense only there.

the screenshot overview for chartdirector looks interesting:
you can also click at each entry.

The 4 websites are confusing, too. Make one website with a good navigation. Please…

The search is per domain to keep FileMaker and Xojo content separated.
So we prefer to split it into different domains.

It should not be incumbent upon the viewer to know that there are multiple websites involved (let alone understand which website contains which material … and make the appropriate choice on their own). As a viewer using XOJO, I want to go to a website and find a quick answer to my XOJO need … and not have to sift through FileMaker stuff to do it. I can’t tell you the number of times I wasn’t paying particular attention and attempted to use a FileMaker command mistakenly in my XOJO coding. Call it stupid if you want, but I’ll bet there’s a number of other “stupid” folks who have inadvertently done the same thing. It seems to me that you could rather easily separate the XOJO inquiries from the FileMaker ones with two simple buttons on the main landing page.

Let me think about a better menu structure…

[quote]Please don’t confuse that you guys may use four different websites.

main website:

documentation for Xojo Plugins:

Xojo blog:

https://www.mbsplugins.com/xojo.shtml [/quote]

this is the first time i realize you have 4 websites… but this is an excellent starting point. maybe you could have a main page with four (or five… filemaker) big buttons, each one directioning the user to the right place. just a little idea or suggestion, you know what is better to your users

The quickest way for me to understand MBS was to download the full plugins and then to browse the examples folder.

There came the Aha! effect and from there I found my way through the mbs documentation.

Now it turned out to be a huge timesaver.

Generating PDFs and Excel files, and so much more …

And if you use Phidgets, which I base some of my research equipment on, the MBS plugins are the best way to control them. For those of you who have never heard of them, they are electronic boards which can control stepper motors and electrical devices of all sorts. They hook into the computer (Mac or PC) via the usb port. The boards are enormously helpful in basic research and the MBS plugins are enormously helpful in controlling them.

The menus are updated. We now have them stay the same while walking over the pages.
Please notify us if there is something missing.
But you can now click to videos, blogs, documentation and main page and have the same Xojo menu there.
And active item in the menu shows in bold usually.

Thank you @Christian Schmitz, this does make navigating the Documentation section much more intuitive.

Much better, @Christian Schmitz.
One small remark.
When I click on the menu choices at the left, the site search is at the bottom.
Only when I click Applications the site search is at the top. :wink:

Thanks, fixed.

I keep finding useful stuff for FileMaker then find there is no equivalent in the MBS plugins.
Just me?

Let me know and maybe I can port it.

I think none of the biggest problems is finding out what plug-ins there are and sometimes what they even do.

I spent an hour on the website last night and to give one example there is a plug-in in complete section called contacts. What does it do? There is example code for it but nowhere can I find a page for it that actually describes what it does.

I’m not running down the plug-ins, everyone seems to use them so they just be great, I just can’t navigate the website like other plugin authors to see what they actually do.

Do you use MacOS?

On MacOS Contacts is the app to manage your contacts like an address book.
Apple has a framework named Contacts and so we have a plugin part also named Contacts.