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Christian - how would you like us to use this forum channel vs. your existing MBS Real Studio Plugins Mailing list?

Whatever you prefer. But just post once on either the forum or the list, not both. I hate to have two threads out of sync.

Christian - anything in the plugins to escape the characters in a string for use by Shell?

As in





I don’t think so.

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Do you have a bugtracker?

I sent a bug by email about VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Time On Nov 13.

How can I hear what the status of it?


Searching for Pekarov in my emails doesn’t find one from you from Nov 13.
So maybe the email got lost.
What is the issue?

When the video is on pause and I set it’s time, for example, to 5000
(VLCMediaPlayerMBS.Time property in ms) the player set it to 5000,
and in less than a second again set it to about 100-200ms above required
time. The result is about 5200ms.

It is not VLC issue because
http://products.supertwist.net/catalog/vlcplugin/ works perfectly here.
But we switched to MBS VLC plugin because it has more features.

Here is your modified example.
There are 2 timers, one, update the image and the window title, and the
second moves the position to 5000ms forward.

In the window title you can see the problem, you even can notice that
VLCMediaPlayerMBS at first set correct position, but then shift it to
100-200ms forward.

Please, fix it. Our application is required such accuracy. It hurts even more when you try to go back for a frame calculated from fps, because VLC does not have PrevFrame method.

Thank you

As far as I see it’s a limitation in vlc that with using the memory destination it will simply play one frame here to get the current image updated. Sorry, not sure what the other VLC plugins does differently.
You can of course work around by setting to time -200ms.

I can’t workaround it, because it is about 200ms, but not exactly 200. It can be 50ms, or 180ms.

But your VLCMediaPlayerMBS sets it correctly, but then, in a second shift it. Why?

VLC plays forward a (few) frame to show a picture.