MBS Plugins, Dropbox open to anyone's changes?

I see quite some activities on Christian’s dropbox for the MBS plugins. Files are added and removed, debug files are copied into my local folder and such…

Is it the case that anybody who has subscribed to Christian’s public dropbox for Xojo plugins, can write to it and the result is automatically distributed?

If yes, then I would suggest, that these plugins for Xojo must be distributed in some other way.

If what I think is true, then it would be sufficient that just one of the subscribed computers is victim of malware and eventual results would be distributed…

What you think?

That was me I’m afraid…

I was working through a couple of examples, thought was working locally but was working on the Dropbox versions hence all the activity.


So whatever someone is doing there goes directly to my computer. Wow.
There must be more secure way to make those plugins available. From a read-only source.

I hope Christian is coming up with a more secure solution. For the moment I have unselected this folder from sync.

Christian was using this Dropbox method to prevent the Xojo name from being publicized on his website.

Christian, now that Xojo has been announced, why don’t you publish them on your site and close down the Dropbox share?

Christian always maintains a Dropbox share for new versions of his plugins.

This is a weakness of Dropbox, IMHO. When you share a folder on Dropbox, you share the WHOLE thing and people can make changes, etc. You are not just sharing the files. Oh yeah, and it also takes away from your available Dropbox space.

I find it very annoying actually. Dropbox should be a drive that mounts, not a folder. I made the mistake of dragging some items to my local disk and promptly got scolded. It’s easy to do.

Christian gives access to these to people who request it. So I think it would generally be considered “safe.” But it is truly a “shared” folder…

Frankly, it’s why I like my PogoPlug better. I use my own drives, I can share what I want with people and determine the necessary security. And anyone using the PogoPlug software sees the share as a drive, not a folder…

Well, first Dropbox doesn’t have an option I could turn on to not share back your changes.
But so far things worked well.
Whenever I see someone changing something, I normally clear the folder and put in a fresh copy.
But as long as someone only plays with examples, I simply email him.
Soon we’ll have the plugins on the website regularly.

I put the Xojo plugin archive also on the website.
But this is work in progress, so I bet with more things get tested in Xojo, more plugin functions will need to be adjusted.