MBS plugins all failing


I’m just trying to look at the examples for the MBS Cocoa plugin but they all fail with similar results

any help would be appreciated.

I can’T see the image.

Did you copy the plugin files to plugins folder?
And relaunch Xojo?

Hi Christian

Yes - and code completion works for all expected NS… (am trying to post an image to the above hold on a sec… :slight_smile: )

Please install MacOSX plugin parts.

In 14.1 is a dependency from Cocoa to MacoSX parts.

Christian - what is MacOSX plugin parts?
Is it something additional which we need to download from your site?

Thanks very much - that fixed it

Richard - this did it for me http://www.macsw.de/plugin/Parts/MBS%20MacOSX%20Plugin.dmg

Simply put in MacOSX, MacOSXCF and MacOSXCG plugins.

Thanks Rob !

This is wrong:

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This is correct:

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I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist! I hope it’s funny. Don’t mind this. It’s sunday.

Nope !
European tags are in REVERSE ORDER !


[quote=91509:@Richard Summers]Nope !
European tags are in REVERSE ORDER !
In keeping with everything else they do backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

Richard: You sure this goes for every European language?
I would have used Payam’s order but wrote my address this way only to keep in line with others. :wink:

Usual address order in Germany is
ZIP + City (yes, this one is reversed!)

@Christian Schmitz all working well :slight_smile:

couple of caveats on the NSSatusitem tutorial here http://www.mbsplugins.com/NSStatusItem.shtml

  1. The Update: at the bottom could be in flashing red text for people called Rob :slight_smile:

  2. Menu items remained greyed out (disabled) with no highlighting until the subclass had been set up for events - so things drifted away from your tutorial video

Thanks for your super speedy response earlier

Welcome. Video is old, examples are normally newer.

Thanks again, - how do I suppress the top left menu (mac) services, hide, quit ?

first why?
second, you could on Mac with cocoa plugin of course use NSMenuMBS class to walk menu and find the entries and hide them or disable them.

I want a true menubar app which doesn’t have a main menu …

app without menubar?

Add this to your app’s Info.plist.