MBS Plugins 24.1 pre-releases


in this thread I want to post to you what’s new in 23.6/24.0 prerelease plugins. Download here:


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  • Added MovableByWindowBackground property for OverlayMBS class.
  • Added requestWriteOnlyAccessToEvents, requestFullAccessToReminders and requestFullAccessToEvents to EKEventStoreMBS class.
  • Updated dyncall library to version 1.4.
  • Added new kCallMode* constants for DeclareFunctionMBS class.
  • Changed MidiThruConnectionMBS class to be a subclass of MidiObjectMBS class.
  • Added Find method to MidiThruConnectionMBS class.
  • Changed kOptionLibrarySeparator in SQLConnectionMBS class to be a shared method to return “;” on Windows and “:” on macOS/Linux.
  • Improved Data Detector example to include a contextual menu routine for showing actions based on NSDataDetectorMBS class.
  • Fixed a problem with MacBase and CURL plugin loading on older macOS versions.
  • Implemented IgnoreMouseClicks for Windows in OverlayMBS class. Allows mouse clicks to fall through to window behind.
  • Fixed PortAudioStreamRecorderMBS to enforce sample format paFloat32 when using OpenStream() to prevent errors later.
  • Added SQLiteFunctionMBS class to add custom SQLite functions for SQLite database connections.
  • Added Path property to InternalSQLiteLibraryMBS module.
  • Added NWPathMonitorMBS class for macOS/iOS to monitor available network.
  • Added NSProcessInfoPowerStateDidChangeNotification for NSProcessInfoMBS class.
  • Added NWPathMBS, NWEndPointMBS and NWInterfaceMBS classes.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.45.1.
  • Added new variant of FromDiff method in JSONMBS class with KeyToCopy parameter to copy primary keys.


  • Updated our headers for NetSNMP library.
  • Added AVSpeechSynthesizerMBS and related classes.
  • Changed SetLicenseKey in DynaPDFMBS class to raise exception if you call it in debug mode after calling SetLicenseKeyGlobal to suggest you to remove the SetLicenseKey call.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Changed Bounds, GPTS and LPTS in DynaPDFMeasureMBS to be double.


  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Implemented better MovableByWindowBackground for OverlayMBS class on Windows to work with mouse events.
  • Fixed a bug in DateDifferenceMBS class related to an overflow in January.
  • Enabled allTouches in NSEventMBS class for macOS.
  • Added touchesBeganWithEvent, touchesCancelledWithEvent, touchesEndedWithEvent and touchesMovedWithEvent events to CanvasGesturesMBS class.
  • Fixed an issue in MBS Xojo SQL Plugin where an error message would be cut on the first character improperly encoded.
  • Improved MBS Xojo SQL Plugin to better return error messages if the ODBC driver provided them with ASCII instead of UTF16/32 encoding.
  • Added willShowContextualMenu and didCloseContextualMenu events to 34 controls.