MBS Plugins 22.3 Phidgets Constants

Is Phidgets still missing the constants?

Let me know what is missing and we may add more for next version.

But please be aware that we may prefer to keep constants in a module and not blow up the plugins with thousands of text pieces.

Well we missed the constants for the PhidgetsNetMBS to set the serverType As Integer

there is more missing (constants)

I’ll add for you those for next release:

kServerTypeNone = 0
kServerTypeDeviceListener = 1
kServerTypeDevice = 2
kServerTypeDeviceRemote = 3
kServerTypeWwwListener = 4
kServerTypeWww = 5
kServerTypeWwwRemote = 6
kServerTypeSBC = 7

Let me know if you miss more.

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