MBS Plugins 18.1 pre-releases


in this thread I want to post to you what’s new in 18.1 prerelease plugins.

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  • Changed MeasureRotatedTextMBS to not use HDC of graphics object to measure, but it’s own HDC.
  • Fixed problems with connecting to SQL Anywhere database.
  • Added Options property to SQLDatabaseMBS, SQLConnectionMBS and SQLCommandMBS to inspect options.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Improved Java loading code on Mac to find automatically newest Java version and load it.
  • Improved JavaVMMBS.SetLibraryPath function to work for Mac, too.
  • Improved Java loading code on Windows to find JRE 9.
  • Added WindowsDisplayMBS class.
  • Fixed problem with BigNumberMBS to currency conversion. Now rounding.
  • Fixed problem with notification receiving in CNContactStoreMBS.
  • Using WindowsFileCopyMBS now sets error mode to prevent error dialogs from system.
  • Fixed bug in DynaPDFMBS.WriteStyledText with extra new lines when switching alignment.
  • Fixed bug in DynaPDFMBS.WriteStyledText with switching font back to non-bold.
  • Updated CURL library to version 7.58.0.
  • Added support for SQL Anywhere API v1 in addition to v2.
  • Fixed problems with using SQLDatabaseMBS object after calling close method on it. Now you can reuse it for another connection.
  • Fixed SQLDatabaseMBS and SQLConnectionMBS to close an existing connections before starting a new one.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.22.0


  • Updated JPEG library to version 9c.
  • Added MemoryStorageMBS.Constructor.
  • Fixed problems with CNContactMBS phoneNumbers and others having wrong return type.
  • Added NSEPSImageRepMBS.pdfImage.
  • Added last error properties to PHPMBS class.
  • Added callXojo function for PHP to trigger event in addition to the callRealbasic function name.
  • Fixed tools plugin to compile with Real Studio 2011.



  • Improved DynaPDFMBS.TranslateRawCode with new variant with more parameters.
  • Added GetSpaceWidth and GetTextWidth functions to DynaPDFMBS.
  • Fixed EncryptMBS for 64-bit.
  • Added Files and URLs functions to NSOpenPanelMBS class to return array of selected files.
  • Improved CURLEMailMBS class to not encode subject, email names or attachment names, if it contains no special characters in more cases by reducing the characters which trigger encoding.
  • Added LibUSBDeviceMBS and related classes to use LibUSB for cross platform USB functions.


  • Reduced plugins linking to Carbon framework for 64-bit.
  • Changed SQLPreparedStatementMBS to accept binding with Xojo.Core.Date objects.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added eventsWithExternalIdentifier, fetchRemindersMatchingPredicateSync, remindersWithExternalIdentifier and reminderWithIdentifier functions to EKEventStoreMBS class.
  • Fixed issue on Windows with folderItem.IconImageMBS and folderItem.IconMaskMBS.
  • Fixed exceptions for SQL Plugin on ARM.
  • Fixed bug in ParseDateMBS with wrong year on Windows.
  • Updated to new codesign certificate for Windows.


  • Added check for PictureMBS.DataStringInFormat to raise exception if you try to request too big memory blocks.
  • Added LogPixelsY and LogPixelsX properties for WindowsDisplayMBS class.
  • Reduced plugins linking to Carbon framework for 64-bit.
  • Changed WindowGroupMBS class to raise exception if used in Cocoa project.

Is that more reductions than R5? (which I only downloaded this morning… )

Yes, a handful or so, but no idea whether this affects you.

final candidate is online.

Last minute changes:

  • Overloaded CreateGoToRAction* functions in DynaPDFMBS with passing string for file paths.
  • Fixed different property offsets for PictureMBS class.