MBS Plugins 17.4 pre-releases


in this thread I want to post to you what’s new in 17.4 prerelease plugins.

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  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Fixed memory leak in XL Plugin for Windows (leak of GDI handles).
  • Added RAWSocketMBS class.
  • Changed DynaPDFMBS.HighlightPattern to create highlight annotations instead of drawing rectangles.
  • Fixed bug in BarcodeGeneratorMBS class with generating barcode without text.
  • Added exceptions for NSImageMBS constructors. You’ll get an UnsupportedOperationException if image creation fails.


  • Updated CURL Library to 7.55.1.
  • Added convenience properties Name, Model, Manufacturer and DisplayName for MidiObjectMBS class.
  • Improved GTK classes for future.
  • Modernized GetInfoCertInfo for newer CURL version.
  • Added MemoryUsed and MemoryHighwater properties to SQLite3MBS class.
  • Reorganized plugins. From 65 down to 39.
  • Merged Nikon and Canon plugins into Cameras Plugin.
  • Merged LCMS2, OCR, GIF, PNG, LargeImage, JPEG and Tiff plugins into Images plugin.
  • Merged PHP, CUPS, markdown, RegEx and Tidy into Tools plugin.
  • Merged Twain into Picture plugin.
  • Merged DirectShow, WIA, WinDragDrop, TAPI and WinICM plugins into Win plugin.
  • Removed SQLAnywhere plugin part as that functionality is now available in SQL Plugin.
  • Removed imedia, TCMPortMapper and FTPParse plugin parts as those were really outdated.
  • Removed ImageMagick, LCMS, QTKit and QuickTime plugins. They are archived now.
  • Removed QuickDraw based classes: MacPictMBS, PaletteMBS and related graphics methods.
  • Removed old MacOS Classic classes: WindowGroupMBS, ClickThroughMBS, NumberFormatMBS, DateFormatMBS, AFPURLMBS and InternetConfigMBS.
  • Changed LDAP functions to default to protocol version 3 with UTF-8 as default encoding.
  • Fixed NSPipeMBS class to no longer crash app for broken pipes. We set the signal to be ignored in Constructor.
  • Fixed bug in SKProductsRequestMBS which could lead to crash if you use the class and release instances before you got the event.
  • Updated SQLite to version 3.20.0.
  • Added more constructors for CFURLMBS class.

Is this already the reorganised plugin version?

Well, a first cleanup and now we will see if someone notices something missing.

Did some tests and all seems to be working as expected.

Works fine here. I just had to remove a


Now just using only a



Is this ok this way?


All working here for Web and Desktop Apps.

hi Christian,

anymore thoughts on adding taglibs?


  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Removed direct dependency for Wmvcore.dll from WindowsPlayerMBS class. If it’s missing player can’t work, but at least the plugin can be loaded.
  • Added LibTag plugin part with new TagLibTagMBS class to read/write audio file tags.
  • Added sndfile plugin part with new SoundFileMBS class to read/write audio samples.
  • Changed ReplaceTag in WordFileMBS to be case insensitive for ASCII characters.
  • Added WordFileMBS.Caseless property for case (in)sensitivity.
  • Added GetDIB and SetDIB to WindowsClipboardMBS class to better get/set pictures on clipboard.
  • Added SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE as one of the options we pass from SQL connections down to all command objects.
  • Changed code for Xojo 2017 for HBITMAP handling which affected clipboard functions on Windows.
  • Added KeyDown/KeyUP and GotFocus/LostFocus events to OverlayMBS class.
  • Updated all GTK code to dynamically load GTK+ 3 for Xojo 2017r2 and GTK+ 2 for older versions.
  • Fixed problem with TidyAttributeMBS Is* properties.
  • Fixed a problem with registration in TimerMBS class.



  • Updated CoreLocation, Contacts and FSEvents for future.
  • Added more CoreImage Filter classes for the future.
  • Added new CoreImage Barcode classes for the future.
  • Changed Linux plugins to include build number in SONAME field so OS can distinguish different versions better.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Updated NSSpellCheckerMBS class for 64-bit.
  • Added more methods for UDPSockets to RAWSocketMBS class.
  • Fixed crash with WindowsClipboardMBS and Xojo 2015, introduced in pr3.
  • Changed CURL functions to explicit flush output files after Perform finished.
  • Added CGEventTapMBS class to catch events low-level on macOS.
  • Added CGEventMBS class.
  • Updated SFPasswordAssistantMBS for 64-bit.


  • Fixed bug with CURL’s GetInfoCookieList function.
  • Fixed plugin options for CURL to pass empty C string for empty Xojo string. This helps with OptionCookieFile = “” to use in memory cookie engine.
  • Added StdInMBS.Echo property.
  • Added RegistryKeyMBS.DeleteTree and RegistryKeyMBS.CopyTree functions.
  • Added classes for CoreML.


  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Fixed a problem with > 2GB PDF files not reading correctly on macOS.
  • Added WKWebViewControlMBS.takeSnapshot method and takeSnapshotCompleted event.


  • Improved RawSocketMBS.CalcChecksum and added new example project.
  • Updated to LibXL 3.8.1.
  • Enabled XML for GraphicsMagick for Mac as it’s needed for SVG.

and released:

download here: