MBS Plugin Prereleases

In this thread, I will post in future info for MBS Plugin prereleases (betas).
We’ll see how well this is received.
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We start with last prerelease…


Fixed DynaPDFMBS.GetInBBox function.
Fixed problem with DynaPDFParseInterfaceMBS class.
Fixed an issue with Picture.SobelMBS function.
Added CoreText clases.
Added CGFontMBS class.
Added ChromiumBrowserMBS and ChromiumFrameMBS classes.
Added more AUPlayerMBS properties and methods.


  • Added new functions to hash classes to process a whole file multithreaded in background to MD5DigestMBS, SHA1MBS, SHA256MBS and SHA512MBS classes.
  • Added DigestMBS.FinalText and DigestMBS.Process.
  • Added CipherMBS.ProcessFile.
  • Added console support for zxingBinaryBitmapMBS.CreateWithPicture.
  • Reduced dependencies of AVFoundation plugin.
  • Updated DynaPDF library to version
  • Added more NSButtonMBS and NSButtonCellMBS properties.
  • Deprecated ATS classes. Please move to CoreText.
  • Deprecated CURLMBS class. Please move to CURLSMBS.
  • Added CGContextMBS.SetFont.
  • Added functions to NetworkInterfaceMBS for interface index (needed for Bonjour).
  • Added more checks and exceptions for LCMS2BitmapMBS picture constructor.



  • Added JPEGExporterMBS.Markers.
  • Added SetRegistrationMessageMBS.
  • Added NSTableViewMBS functions for sort descriptors.
  • Added new CoreAudio functions.
  • Improved CustomNSSharingServiceMBS to use tag with variant instead of integer.
  • Added CFMutableAttributedStringMBS class.
  • Rewrote CFAttributedStringMBS class.
  • Added CFRangeMBS class.
  • Added helper functions to convert between NSMutableAttributedStringMBS and CFMutableAttributedStringMBS.
  • Added helper functions to convert between NSAttributedStringMBS and CFAttributedStringMBS.
  • Added WinNotificationMBS.SendMessage and WinNotificationMBS.SendMessageToWindow.
  • Removed implicit references to CoreText framework from 100 plugin parts…


  • Tuned internal functions to convert between NSObject/CFTypeRef to Xojo objects to make CoreText work well.
  • Added CFObjectMBS.NewCFObject.
  • Fixed problem with IMExceptionQ8MBS, IMExceptionQ16MBS and IMExceptionQ32MBS classes.
  • Fixed bug in CFRangeMBS class.
  • Fixed bug in ECDHEMBS.PublicKey function (returned more characters than needed).
  • Added tag parameters for NSFileCoordinatorMBS class.
  • Added RenderSamplesMBS support for floating point values.
  • Added Steganography methods for picture class.
  • Updated DynaPDF library to version
  • Moved NSSortDescriptorMBS to CocoaBase plugin to avoid dependencies on Lion plugin.



  • Updated adaptor.appendPicture to work with transparency.
  • Marked NavigationDialogMBS, HIViewMBS, MenubarMBS, MenuMBS and StandardAlertMBS classes as deprecated. Those are only for Carbon and should be replaced when you move projects to Cocoa.
  • Fixed bug in CTParagraphStyleSettingMBS class.
  • Most deprecated things in plugin now list replacement.
  • Upgraded OS Version query on Mac to work better on Mac OS X 10.10
  • Updated DynaPDF library to version


  • Fixed a bug on Windows IconMBS function where icon would just be in top left area of image.
  • Changed folderitem.IconMBS, IconMaskMBS and IconImageMBS to user newer Cocoa based APIs if possible.
  • Added HasAlphaChannel property for PictureEditorMBS, PictureReaderMBS and PictureWriterMBS class.
  • Added NewPictureWriterMBS support for alpha images and for reusing images.
  • Added ContainerControl.NSViewMBS, useful to animate containers.
  • Updated Chromium plugin classes for the future.
  • Fixed bug in LinuxHIDInterfaceMBS.MatchDevice event.
  • Fixed problem with GDI Plus bitmap in PictureMBS and other picture functions.
  • Fixed NSGraphicsMBS.graphicsContextWithNSView to raise NSExceptionMBS objects if they happen.


  • Added ChromiumBrowserMBS.LibVersion function.
  • Added several IK and IC classes to cover all the Cocoa ImageCapture classes from Apple.
  • Adjusted plugin to work better with Chromium in future Xojo versions.
  • DynaPDF plugin no longer complains about a required Pro license for the InsertMetaFile functions. Those required years ago a Pro license, but today only a Lite one.
  • Added WinRTFDataMBS and WinInsertImageMBS to TextArea control.
  • Deprecated a few of the controls like oval and rectangle as I think the built in onces are better long term.
  • Added more methods to NSSoundMBS class.
  • Added events willOpen, willHighlightItem and DidClose event to NSMenuMBS class.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • You can now set offsets in PictureMBS class.
  • Fixed byte order for PictureMBS when using pictures with alpha channel on Windows.
  • Added folderitem.WinThumbnailMBS to get thumbnails of files on Windows.
  • Added parameters to Picture.CombineMBS to select area.


  • Fixed a problem with Carbon apps if they create a new picture in plugin. Plugin now calls SetGWorld to make sure there is a valid gworld.
  • Fixed plugin bug in DynaPDFMBS.GetTextHeightExAnsi and others.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1h.
  • Changed NSOpenPanelMBS/NSSavePanelMBS to keep reference of itself while sheet is open to avoid trouble with objects being destroyed to early.
  • Added IKCameraDeviceViewControlMBS, IKDeviceBrowserViewControlMBS and IKScannerDeviceViewControlMBS controls.
  • Added events for ICDeviceBrowserMBS, IKCameraDeviceViewMBS, IKDeviceBrowserViewMBS and IKScannerDeviceViewMBS classes.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic conversion to variant did return a CFObjectMBS instead of a NSFontMBS.

If I understand right, this brings the Chrome rendering engine to Xojo in Webkit mode ? Does it support display of PDF files like Chrome does ? If this is the case, it will be a great improvement to be able to display PDF without the need for the Adobe Acrobat plugin.

Can you confirm/infirm ? Thxs

First, please ask in a new thread. This one was only for announcements. Second, the plugin just adds additional classes to access functions on a HTMLViewer using WebKit on Windows. It does not help on PDF plugins.

:-/ >:<


  • Added EncodeEmailSubjectMBS function.
  • Added more parameters to AUPlayerMBS.LoadFile.
  • Added two VAT ID check examples for your convenience.
  • Updated LibXL to version 3.6.0.


  • Updated LCMS2 to latest 2.7beta0 from 3rd August 2014.
  • Updated LCMS2 used for GraphicsMagick to version 2.6.
  • Fixed issue with NSFileHandlerMBS object and NSNotificationMBS.
  • Improved NSPopupButtonMBS class with more properties.
  • Changed GMImageMBS.SetImageMask to turn set matte = true to make sure we have an alpha channel.
  • Fixed bug with internal NSObject to Variant conversion.


  • Rewrote CPUID detection. Added new methods to CPUIDMBS class.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Made first changes for future Mac OS X version.
  • Added AUPlayerMBS.Reset.
  • Fixed bug with DataMatrix encoding in barcode generation.
  • Updated zint library to current version.
  • Updated to Portaudio v19 20140130.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1i.
  • Fixed problem with NSRunningApplicationMBS objects in dictionaries.
  • Added options for SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabase to turn on SSL for MySQL via new options: MYSQL_SSL_KEY, MYSQL_SSL_CERT, MYSQL_SSL_CA, MYSQL_SSL_CAPATH and MYSQL_SSL_CIPHER. If those are set, we pass the strings to mysql_ssl_set function.
  • Added ConnectionHandler event to SQLConnectionMBS and SQLDatabase classes.
  • Fixed GKTurnBasedParticipantMBS.matchOutcome property to be writable.


  • Added XML parameter for WinSpeechMBS class, so text can embed xml commands to control voice.
  • Fixed a bug with PictureMBS, clipping and VM mapped files.
  • Added Audioformat parameter to SpeakFile method in WinSpeechMBS class.
  • Added SQLAnywherePreparedStatementMBS.kTypeNull and SQLPreparedStatementMBS.kTypeNull.
  • Changed SQL Plugin to raise UnsupportedOperationException if you call SQLDatabaseMBS TableSchema or FieldSchema functions.
  • Changed SQL Plugin to raise UnsupportedOperationException if you call update, edit, delete or deleteAll methods on a RecordSet.
  • Added FileListMBS class constructor parameters to filter items on Windows.


  • Added JPEGData and PNGData to CGImageMBS class.
  • Added MemoryBlock.ConvertRGB12BitTo8BitMBS.
  • Added PDFDocumentMBS.appendPage.
  • Fixed JSONMBS.Constructor. Now creates an empty JSON object. If you need an array node, please use JSONMBS.NewArray.
  • Added containerURLForSecurityApplicationGroupIdentifier and containerFolderForSecurityApplicationGroupIdentifier to NSFileManagerMBS class.
  • Added WindowsTimerMBS class for high resolution timers.
  • Fixed AUPlayerMBS.Pan for older Mac OS X.
  • Added AUPlayerMBS.UseNewTimePitchUnit property.
  • JSONMBS now passes through \u0000 as it can’t handle chr(0) in a string.
  • Added JSONMBS.ToString as property.
  • Added DragItem.NSDraggingInfoMBS function.
  • Improved NSDraggingInfoMBS class.
  • Changed NSScrollViewMBS to have properties visible in debugger.



  • Fixed JPEGExporterMBS.ExportRGBwithRowDataEvent to write out ICC Profile data (was missing).
  • Fixed AVFoundationMBS.PeriodicTimeObserver event to pass parameters right.
  • Fixed Win plugin to load again on Realbasic 2009.
  • Changed Mac linking to create dylibs instead of bundle dylibs.
  • Added AppReceiptVerificatorMBS, AppReceiptMBS and AppReceiptIAPMBS classes.
  • Added SystemInformationMBS.IsYosemite.
  • Added webview parameter to WebFrameLoadDelegateMBS events.
  • Improved PDFPageMBS and PDFDocumentMBS classes to show more details in debugger.
  • Renamed WindowsTimerMBS to TimerMBS as we got a Mac and Linux implementation for your cross-platform projects.


Very nice Christian.


  • Updated CURL to version 7.37.1
  • Added DynaDFFontInfoMBS class.
  • Updated DynaPDF to version
  • Added CurrencyValueMBS function to replace val() for parsing big numbers into currency data type.
  • Rewrote EncodingToQuotedPrintableMBS and DecodingFromQuotedPrintableMBS.
  • Changes to NSApplicationDelegateMBS require that you initialize your delegate subclass in app.constructor to receive the restoreWindowWithIdentifier events later.