MBS Meetup in Rotterdam, 8th January

As I am traveling again to the Netherlands, I like to arrange a Xojo developer meeting.

Let’s talk about Xojo, conferences, plugins and other programming topics.

Please help to decide on the extract day: Xojo Survey

We can reserve a table in a nice restaurant in Rotterdam near the main train station and talk an evening about Xojo. Time probably around 18 to 22 o’clock, so you can come later or leave early.

Interested people can of course make an extra appointment with me for private consulting.

Rotterdam would allow people to come over from north like Amsterdam, south like Antwerpen.

Blog post is also made:

Hi Christian,

I will be there.

Looks like it may be Wednesday. Anyone else needs to vote?

I put all people on a list here from Doodle and added email addresses I have.
For some people I don’t have an email, so please provide one to me.

Looks like it will be Wednesday. We’ll look for a meeting place!

We take Wednesday, 8th January 2020.

I’ll email the location to all people on the list.
If you don’t get an email by tomorrow, maybe contact me directly.

MBS Meeting in Netherlands

Our Xojo and FileMaker developer meeting will be Wednesday 8th January 2020 in Rotterdam in a restaurant near the main station around 18:00 to 21:00 o’clock.

Contact us if you are not yet on the guest list and like to join!

I’ll bring a few gifts to raffle away!

And tonight I send emails to our customers around Rotterdam as a reminder to join us.
Looks like we have over 20 people there.

See you later tonight!