MBS Meetup in Rotterdam, 8th January


Due to a bigger Xojo project, I’ll come to Rotterdam in January 6th to 10th 2020.

Someone interested in a meetup?

We could just organize a meeting in a restaurant near the train station so it’s easy to reach for everyone.
I expect some people from Den Haag or Amsterdam area to come over for a visit.

If there is interest, I could setup a survey.

Sounds like a plan. As far as I can tell I have nothing planned in that week.
Rotterdam is only 1 hour from my place…

I could maybe join. I’ like 2 hours away from Rotterdam. Maybe somewhere more central is an option?

Where do you have to come from? I’m near Hilversum. I could pick you up somewhere.

I only have 8th or 9th as an option. Will come if it fits into my agenda.

Limburg eindje rijden?

Ik overleg wel even of er andere geïnteresseerden zijn. Wellicht zit ik dan in Utrecht.

I made a survey.

We are curious to see if some people join us.

and blog post:

Looks like it may be Wednesday. Anyone else needs to vote?

I am not in the country, otherwise I would have joined. Enjoy!

To all: there’s a doodle for this meeting. Have a look. https://doodle.com/poll/nbufk3meuig7y737
This way we can all see, who and when.



I put all people on a list here from Doodle and added email addresses I have.
For some people I don’t have an email, so please provide one to me.

Looks like it will be Wednesday. We’ll look for a meeting place!

We take Wednesday, 8th January 2020.

I’ll email the location to all people on the list.
If you don’t get an email by tomorrow, maybe contact me directly.

MBS Meeting in Netherlands

Our FileMaker and Xojo developer meeting will be Wednesday 8th January 2020 in Rotterdam in a restaurant near the main station around 18:00 to 21:00 o’clock.

Contact us if you are not yet on the guest list and like to join!

I’ll bring a few gifts to raffle away!

And tonight I send emails to our customers around Rotterdam as a reminder to join us.
Looks like we have over 20 people there.

See you later tonight!

Thanks for coming.
We had 9 Xojo developers there :slight_smile: