I have written a program that uses the WinHIDMBS and MacHIDMBS plugins from MBS. The program functions correctly, and is able to send and receive to my device (Teensy 3.5) on my Windows 7 machine, but on Mac I can only send data, not receive data.

The only difference, besides the OS specific plugins, between the two methods is that the Windows code sends 65 bytes, and the Mac code sends 64 bytes.

I am using Xojo 2017 R3 and High Sierra 10.13.3

Has anyone had any luck getting this working on the latest xojo and mac os?

I have talked to the creator of the plugin, and he assisted me with some trouble shooting, but we were not able to get it to receive on Mac.

He also stated the plugin has not been updated in years, so I’m wondering if it even functions with the latest versions.

Anyone had any luck?