MBS licensing issue

dynapdf licensing is failing on a productive Xojo Web 2 App (probably everywhere, but that’s the one I tested). It is saying that my license (though valid until 2022) is not valid for this version of the plugin. Works fine with the official release. A function to check in debug mode that all licenses are valid would be great. Perhaps that exists, but I’m only aware that we can check the status for the main plugins.

Thank you for asking.

We got this moved in a new thread.

So can you verify that you use the newer key and not an old one?

Also better email us with licensing problems.

sigh, will do.

There is a function DynaPDFMBS.SetLicenseKeyGlobal. I updated that one to the newest release, when I extended it last year. But there is as well a function DynaPDFMBS.SetLicenseKey (w/o the “global”). This one was still embedded in one DynaPDFMBS declaration of many in this WebApp. Seems that this little local sister of the big one is winning the battle which license is the current one.

Most likely this was a left-over from copy and paste of a desktop method to Xojo Web 2. So something to keep in mind. Too easy to run into this trap, especially if you only search like me for “DynaPDFMBS.SetLicenseKeyGlobal” which only occurred once in my code.

I still wish that we could be able to discover missing/wrong licenses already during debugging.

Thanks. Enjoy!

I may deprecate the SetLicenseKey function for the future.

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Well, in my case it was just a bad coincidence. First I was sure that I updated the keys a fortnight ago (as I had a reminder in my calendar), second, I got notified just after I had updated to the latest version, so it was quite likely to be perhaps related to a change in the newest pre-release.

I am not sure, but perhaps a new additional method returning a simple true or false like you have it in the core MBS plugins would be more beneficial. Or perhaps you have a way within your plugins to give a warning when compiling or debugging that the license code is not valid? I just want to avoid rolling out something w/o a valid license code, especially as the error message is not something I want a customer to see. Looks like if I didn’t pay my bills :slight_smile:

Jens intentionally doesn’t tell you.

But there is a trick. Make a new empty PDF and look how big it is.
There is one size with demo text and one without.

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Great, that sounds good!