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Hi all,

I try to get all IPTC attribute in GMImageMBS, but only 1 keyword is showing.

In tag value, I try different characters to get other keyword but nothing.
(like "IPTC:2:25/1" or "IPTC:2:25,1" or "IPTC:2:25;1" or "IPTC:2:25[1]")

When I use gm identify CLI, I have all keywords.

How to get a keyword array or list with the GMImageMBS.getattribute(“IPTC:2:25”) ?
Any idea ?

Poke @Christian_Schmitz

Well, the attribute function may only get first keyword.
I may need to add a new function to list them all.

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I’ll just add you the Describe command, which may be the easiest way to list the things there.

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