MBS Google Ads center in Screen

Hi @Christian_Schmitz

How can I center my MobileCanvas on screen?

Here is my constraints for MobileCanvas

H. Center	 = Parent.CenterX	Highest
Left	 = Parent.Left + StandardGap	Highest
Right	 = Parent.Right - StandardGap	Highest
Height	 =  60	Highest
Bottom	 = BottomLayoutGuide.Top - StandardGap	Highest

Here is the result on iPhone

And worst on iPad

I believe the MobileCanvas control itself is centered, it’s just that the Google Ad has a fixed width of 320. Its fixed height is 50 I believe.

I would replace the Left and Right layout constraints with this one:
Width = Relative to None, Edge None, Offset 320, Priority Highest

Does this work?

Other solution, don’t use banner ads, they are ugly and close to useless.

One of my apps was presenting 3 types of ads:

Banner ads represented 1% of total income (out of 100k ad displays) so I completely removed them.

I win $75 /month with ads. It paid dev invest

Thank you @Christoph_Emrich ! :grinning:

It works well on iPad and iPhone. :+1:

Where do we find this magic number (320)? Google search gives big results for Google Ads… :thinking:

I found that

That’s interesting, it’s almost 12% for me on Banner ads. Seems like I’m doing something wrong with the other ad types :upside_down_face:

What’s your percentage on Open Ads if I may ask?

Or maybe I was doing something wrong with Banner ads :sweat_smile:

I just had a look at Sebastien’s app. The app reloads a banner ad each time the date is changed, that might make a significant difference. I was displaying the same banner ad throughout the whole workflow.

Data from November (I removed banner ads afterwards)
-Banner ad: 1% of revenue (1500 impressions)
-Open ad: 42% of revenue (3500 impressions)
-Rewarded ad: 57% of revenue (1800 impressions)

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Thank you. My split in March was like this (which is strange because I thought I had removed all interstitial ads from my apps…)

  • Rewarded: 64% of revenue
  • Interstitial: 24%
  • Banner: 10%

I am sorry for another off-topic question, it’s the last one :innocent:
How do you use Open ads? When opening the app? Every time it opens? Is the implementation any different than let’s say Banner ads or is there something you have to do which is specific for Open ads?

You might have removed all interstitial but all users aren’t using the latest update. You will certainly see interstitial revenue for years to come.

Open ads are displayed each time the app is opened. But I have set a limit of 1 every 15 minutes in the Google Admob ad settings.

The code is in App.Activated event.
If the app was opened for the first time, I don’t display any ad.
If the GADMobileAdsMBS.trackingAuthorizationStatus hasn’t been determined yet, I don’t display any ad.

With Open ads, you must be careful not to display them each time the app comes back to the foreground.

So I have a datetime property in my app that I set to prevent open ads.
I call PreventOpenAd each time the user will move away from my app for a short period of time:

  • Request for notification permission
  • Request for location permission
  • In-app purchase initiated
  • System.GoToURL is called
  • In-app purchase restore initiated
  • A rewarded or interstitial ad is displayed
  • GADMobileAdsMBS.RequestTracking permission
Protected Sub PreventOpenAd()
  preventOpenAdUntilDateTime = DateTime.Now.AddInterval(0, 0, 0, 0, 2) //2 minutes
End Sub

In the ShowOpenAd method I created:

if preventOpenAdUntilDateTime <> nil and preventOpenAdUntilDateTime.SecondsFrom1970 > DateTime.Now.SecondsFrom1970 then
  Return //Don't show any ad for the moment
end if

//Check if user is premium

//Check for tracking status

//Check that an open ad isn't currently presenting

//all seems good to now present an open ad
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On your https://apps.admob.com backend you can restrict interstitial and open ad automatically

Awesome, thank you!

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I don’t want to restrict them. I want to temporarily disable showing an Open Ad.

The restriction is based on how many tiles by minutes you want to show the Ad. Exactly how your timer does. So you don’t have to update your app to change the ads periodicity.

You don’t seem to understand why I have a preventOpenAdUntilDateTime property.

I don’t want my users to see an Open Advertisement right after being prompted for notifications, after trying an in-app purchase, after clicking on a rewarded ad and going back to the app…