MBS DynaPDF - PrintPDFfile


“PrintPDF” (MBS DynaPDF) example does not work because it lacks the docName in the arguments.

But even adding the argument, there is no printing or a blank page. Yet functionality returns true.

Xojo 2015 2.1
DynaPDF last version (15.2, 1 jun 2015), license pro,
build on Windows 7

Can you check please?

Thank you


DynaPDF itself (not MBS) is in the process of adding printing to their API . The release notes for their newest update includes:

[quote]New Functions / Features

  • PrintPDFFile() // The function prints the PDF file in memory. At this time
    // the function is implemented on Windows only. Other
    // operating systems will be supported soon.

When they finish it and MBS adds it to the plugin you then it should not be an issue.

  • Karen

yes, I saw, but I thought it was an oversight that they corrected here, as the previous plugin already incorporated this feature and that there were already example provided by MBS.

Well, first I’m missing my nice example project with dialog.

I fixed here the older example already for next prerelease.

I emailed you a newer pdf printing example project.
Please try.

Also download 15.2pr2 plugin to get latest dynapdf.