Mbs DynaPdf: Print without Adobe Reader on Windows


It would be very convenient to print PDF directly without need of third party software (adobe reader …), especially on Windows.

On the DynaPdf web site it is written:

is it possible to print PDF files with DynaPDF?

Yes and no. It is of course possible to render the pages and to send the images to the printer. Such a print spool is large and more suitable for simple applications.
A real print solution will probably available later, but it can take more than 12 months until such a solution will be available.[/quote]

Is that progress? this would be a big asset for DynaPDF.

Printing the PDF into images has the merit to exist, but it is less convenient, quality is disastrous on some printers. And to increase the quality a bit, use a trick: create a large format, and then reduce it to print. But the quality is still very average and the file sent to the spooler is huge.

Sorry, nothing seen so far from dynaforms.

You can print silently (direct to print without dialogs or preview) a PDF generated by DynaPdf or whatever other PDF class, using Sumatra, a free utility with the following code:

sh=new Shell
If TargetWin32 Then
sh.Execute(“c:\reports\sumatrapdf.exe -print-to-default c:\reports” +“reportname.pdf”)
sh.Execute “lp //home/reports/”+“reportname.pdf”
End if
If sh.errorCode <> 0 then
MsgBox "Print error: " + Str(sh.errorCode)
end if

Thank you Jorge!

It is a good idea! In my case, I need to print data without writing a file (even a temporary file), then it will not work, but we’re almost there.