MBS DynaPDF plugins

I can’t seem to find this in the MBS documentation so here goes. Does anyone know if you can use DynaPDF to create a pdf file from an html file?

My RS (still using 2012r2.1 for this) app creates a report as an HTML file and saves it to the users disk. I would then like to take that file and generate a pdf from it. Can I do that with DynaPDF?


You can see inside examples folder : DynaPDF:Wiki to PDF

Thanks! I didn’t catch that the first time around.

My next question is which version - Starter or Lite? I did find the version comparison. It didn’t leave me with a clear idea of which one I would need and there is a large difference in price between the two.

If you have libreOffice / OpenOffice installed you can use the python script “unoconv” invoked from a RS/xojo shell

Command: unoconv -f pdf Document_to_convert

Not only that, you can also convert reports made by RS/Xojo to PDF automatically. Just make sure the RS/Xojo reports are saved in bmp format. Print output from RS/Xojo or reports is graphic so the pdf file will just represent an embedded image. Not very useful for text search in pdf document.

The unoconv can also convert word documents or openoffice/Libreoffice documents to pdf. And much more.

When you install libreoffice on windows make sure you also select the python part. you will also need to download unoconv from: https://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv And you have to use libreoffice’s own python.exe to execute unoconv as “pyuno.pyd” in delivered libreoffice is only supported for this version.

On Linux you just get all rpms for Libreoffice/ Openoffice. It is also supported for Mac.

More info about unoconv: http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/unoconv/

Thanks for the tip John. Unfortunately for me in this case everything has to be done inside of the RS app. I’m not able to force the users of the app to install additional software.

i am using dynapdf starter and it work with Wiki to PDF. my question is how do i read a local html file convert to pdf