MBS Dyna PDF: Example problem - "Create PDF and show in HTMLViewer"


I’m downloaded the MBS Dyna PDF - at the moment without a license, to test if it works for me.

When I’m test the Create PDF and show in HTMLViewer demo in Xojo 2015 R4.1, I got a error

Type “HTMLViewer” has no member named “LoadHTMLStringMBS”
HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS PDFData, MimeType, “”, “”

Do I have to bought a license to test it? Or ist there a problem in the example?

Hmm, I test a next one:
“Create PDF with Picture”.

Here I got an error:

This item does not exist.
dim p as Picture = LogoMBS(500)

HTMLViewer1.LoadHTMLStringMBS PDFData, MimeType, "", ""

Im not sure turning the PDF into a string and then using the string as a page of HTML is going to work…

Is there a problem with using folderitem.launch or a SHOWURL on the created PDF file?

Hmm, I don’t changed the source code.

I only tried to start the examples.

LoadHTMLStringMBS is a function in our Cocoa plugins which passes data to the webviewer.
Should work with PDF if mime type is right.